About us

The LedLIVE® team has been in the market for over a dozen years, constantly raising the bar in developing new projects. Our passion is to continuously develop and expand the knowledge of new and innovative solutions in the world of LEDs. LedLIVE® operates in three capacities: sale, rent and service of LED screens. By combining sales, rental and service, we’ve become the leader in the LED screen industry in Poland. We’ve introduced the LED screen market to transparent solutions. They offer unprecedented applications. Our business spans a number of sectors, such as media, advertising, retail, public or events, while we’re also expanding into international markets. Sounds interesting? We’re happy to share our passion for LEDs with you. Every new job is a challenge for us. This is what makes the outcomes of our projects so special and unique.

ikona CEO

The CEO is not just the Founder but the person who develops the company gearing it for success every day and taking care of the content and credibility. Present in the office, off-premises and close to the people, from the start, he’s maintained a business standard based on loyal customer relationships and the reliability of the services provided. Enthusiasm, industry knowledge and continued communication with our business partners drive our screens to new locations across the country and around the world. Teamwork is the core principle by which the CEO builds the LedLive brand.

ikona dział sprzedaży
Sales Department

Commitment, professionalism, passion and a focus on needs is our motto. We manage each project individually, based on specific guidelines and expectations. We strive to achieve a direct and long-term relationship with each customer. We offer advice at every stage of the sales process to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We work together as a team so that the final result satisfies our partners and ourselves.

ikona dział eventowy
Events Department

Give us an event theme, and you’ll get a unique masterpiece. We create unique installations thanks to our vast experience, aesthetic sense and competence. Trade fairs, exhibition stands, sports, entertainment and cultural events are part of our daily life. We don’t do run-of-the-mill and uninspired solutions. We’re creative and put together events with the right staging and develop the idea using brainstorming. Collaboration within the team and with the customer is an indispensable part of our work.

ikona dział graficzny
Graphics Department

This is where visions are created to give the screens graphic expression. We create static and animated content along with the most original 3D designs. We adapt them to the interior design, the main theme and the customer’s guidelines. We happily and successfully take the initiative, creating holistic visualisations, presenting our own ideas and giving advice. The graphic designers’ expertise and imagination make the graphic materials captivating in their originality.

ikona dział projektowy
Design and Technical Department

Our systems are professional thanks to the coordination of the design at every stage of its creation. We develop and manufacture dedicated structures, selecting the required peripherals. As part of the diagnostics and site visits, we tailor the installation details to individual technical requirements and site specifications. We integrate the implementation and use of the proposed systems through instruction and regular contact with customers. Industry knowledge, practical skills and the positive energy of the Design Department make our projects one of a kind. Thanks to our in-house patents and the full availability of our technicians, we complete the jobs entrusted to us efficiently and reliably.

ikona dział serwisu
Service Department

Many years of servicing LED media and working with the technology from the ground up mean that we offer comprehensive maintenance services. We respond quickly, offering remote support and technical support. Our work includes warranty service and all kinds of contracted repair services. We carry out technical tests. We specialise in transparent screen service.

ikony biuro

Efficient coordination of operations is another element of our success. The Office is responsible for the proper flow of documents, customer communication, task support and representation of the company. It’s one of the pillars of our team’s resilience and good atmosphere.