When did the transparent LedLIGHT screen story begin? 

When we officially communicated our new LedLIGHT product launch in 2017, no one expected such momentum and breadth of change. Emerging innovations are a natural part of the rapid growth of the display industry. But in this case, the metamorphosis has proved to be a real revolution in the perception of screens and the potential of their applications. Thanks to our passion and determination to improve our designs, the Polish market has joined the global landscape of innovative and high-quality LED solutions.

The premiere of the transparent LedLIGHT screen has opened up new perspectives for the use of displays not only as a typical communication medium but also as a decorative piece. We were the first to show that the screen can become more than a simple transmitter of information. In addition to its practicality, it should also delight, appeal to the senses and embellish its surroundings. It should wow and have a wow effect. With the introduction of the transparent LedLIGHT screen into the Polish space, we have entirely changed perceptions of multimedia technology.

How have we “evolved” with LedLIGHT?

Following the world premiere of the new transparent screen model, we were the first to see its potential. No one has previously tried to introduce a transparent product to our reality. No effort has been made to develop structural and mounting methods. After the world debut, we felt that the transparent screen was the product of the future. Many months of testing, learning technical details, installation or graphic capabilities followed. This is our road to the grand launch of LedLIGHT screens.

We have developed our industrial designs so that transparent LedLIGHT screens can be fitted to a wide variety of surfaces in a fully professional manner. We have experience with suspended mounting and bent models. We can handle even the most demanding graphic content in systems combined with the classic diode.

We can safely say today that we are a leader in transparent technology and are the only one with many fantastic projects under our belt, both domestically and internationally.

Our success has been confirmed with a prestigious Podkarpackie Economic Award for Best Innovative Product.

Why is the transparent LedLIGHT screen the absolute No. 1?  

The premiere of a new Škoda model in a transparent frame

The LedLIGHT screen showcases technology in a new way. Instead of the classic, often massive cabinets to which the public was accustomed, we designed a product made of light, subtle and modern transparent modules. The main advantage of this technology lies in the potential to achieve transparency of up to 70%, which has resulted in a completely new quality and opened up perspectives for creating unconventional LED installations. The available space can be freely manipulated through suitably designed graphic content. This is an undoubted asset, offering versatile options for arranging or creating even the most original designs. No other model can delight and guarantee such an incredible element of surprise. 

This allows the customer to use transparent LedLIGHT models not only for advertising but also for decoration.

What are the key strengths of the transparent LedLIGHT screen?

  • ultralight structure and functionality
  • easy and quick installation 
  • low mounting cost
  • easy service access
  • high refresh rate
  • silent operation
  • wide viewing angle up to 160° 
  • high brightness up to 6500 cd/m2
  • 3D graphics
  • unrestricted media shape, including round
  • customisation and bending 
  • excellent for windows and glass façades
  • modern design for exclusive spatial styling
  • option to project material from the inside ~ for exhibition use
  • environmental dimension – an ideal alternative to traditional banners, posters or exhibition mock-ups
  • ideal for original exhibition stands and trade fairs

In which projects was the transparent LedLIGHT screen the first to appear?

The first shopwindow using transparent LedLIGHT technology – Maestria Dental Clinic in Warsaw

Transparent LedLIGHT systems can be admired in many places around the country. This technology has gained a following among corporate clients, retailers, sports institutions and others such as museums, clinics, restaurants, lobbies and airports. Our first project involving a transparent LedLIGHT display was the window of the Maestria dental clinic in Warsaw. Since then, the portfolio of our projects has grown dynamically to include shopping centres (we recommend taking a look at our projects: shopping centres Galeria Stara Ujeżdżalnia in Jarosław, Galeria Jurajska in Częstochowa, Galeria Północna in Warsaw), museums (Enigma Cipher Centre, Poznań), airports (Gdańsk Airport). The most popular uses for transparent screens are the panelling of lift shafts, creative suspended installations in unconventional shapes and original cylinder forms.

These were the first steps that paved the way for further spectacular transparent screen projects. With them, we were the only company in Poland to gain experience in designing, mounting or servicing LedLIGHT screens. We can handle an event or installation job in a fully professional manner, in line with the customer’s wishes or design requirements. We do not stop at permanent installations; our greatest asset is that we can efficiently prepare a stand and content for special events, recurring events and trade fairs. Our work has gained global recognition, as evidenced by the success of the exhibition at EXPO 2020 DUBAI.

LedLIGHT exhibition stand at EXPO Dubai 2020

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