This is the third time we’ve been involved in organising such a thrilling event as The Kamila Skolimowska Memorial, combined with The Diamond League this year. A world-class event and excitement! To this day, we still get shivers reviewing footage of the project. This is Wanda Diamond League’s first meeting in Poland. We competed with them and rose to the occasion.


An incredible event, unforgettable emotions and experiences impossible to forget.

Once again, from the very concept to the final flash – we took care of every detail, every pixel of this phenomenal event.

A stage with nine free-standing totems and a lower beam to make the whole stage sparkle, as befits a diamond league meeting.

This is the third time we’ve been involved in the preparation of The Kamila Skolimowska Memorial. Each year it becomes harder and harder for us to describe in words the excitement for us and everyone at the stadium.

Thank you!

WELCOME TO SILESIA - scena na Memoriale Kamili Skolimowskiej
Multimedialna scena stworzona z ekranów LED, na której wyświetla się napis WELCOME na rozpoczęcie Silesia Diamond League 2022 - obrazek wyróżniajacy
Widok na stadion Silesia 2022
Scena z ekranów LED po zakończeniu eventu Silesia 2022
Ekipa LedLIVE na zakończenie eventu na tle ekranów LED
Ekipa LedLIVE na tle ekranów LED po zakończeniu realizacji Silesia 2022 Diamond League Memoriał Kamili Skolimowskiej
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Scena multimedialna na wydarzenie sportowe na stadionie w Chorzowie 2022
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